Friday, October 3, 2008

Hmmm, Yes, let's do go back to High School

With the upcoming release of Nick and Norah, Steph borrowed the book and I actually think it's pretty cool considering it's meant for an audience half my age. Anyway Steph asked me the other night if I could relate to Nick at all and I said "No, he's too cool!" Seriously, the way he's written, wow, that's a cool kid. So what was high school like for Hairy?

In High School Matt was an overly angry, very skinny, shy, nerdy kid who drove a mini van and was tortured by the fact that he knew more than anybody else in the world and refused listen to anybody’s sound advice. Girls were scary and to be avoided. Weekends consisted of driving around in the minivan late at night looking for grocery store parking lots to skate in, spelunking for change in order to eat taco bell, making homemade movies and videos (badly), working very hard to do as little homework as possible and still get A's on the test, formation of the "Cerebral Posse" which was sort of a special peoples club on wheels and thus likened the minivan to a short bus and all members were issued a helmet (we were not so PC), subsequent formation of the "Girl Maulers" in order to countermand the "ReBe-G's" insurrection, and last but not least we were proud to be the only band in our suburb using a Drum Machine. We were super innovative. We wanted nothing more than to be the second coming of Ministry. Oh how we tried. But regardless of how much of a nerd I was, or how utterly not cool my little circle friends was we still had the music, and we liked good music. Here's a lil snap shot of things that I was loving in High School. I think the main theme is: Matt's angry about something.

Ok, ok. I could seriously keep going all day. But I'll stop.

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