Monday, October 20, 2008

Not to get ahead of myself

Yesterday we visited the retail store for Loyal Army in the Haight. I really felt motivated by the shop's existence and especially after reading about how the brand was established. As far as I know the owner never was a designer nor an industry insider. He simply had some cool little food sketches and he hooked up with a good biz partner. Anyway, their designs are simple, hand drawn and actually very cool and yes they cater to a very young crowd of girls and a subset of "cute" obsessed older girls. They are also located here in S.F. and they make everything here in the city and yet they manage to have reasonable prices. Then I read that this year they projected sales of $6 million. I'm not using that as a benchmark and no I'm not picking a Ferrari or anything quite yet. I'm just very enthusiastic in my quest to build a saleable and well branded clothing line. It's encouraging to see that if you do things right you can come out the other end on top. I think we have a lot of solid ideas for Fondu Victory and we're very close to leaping off the precipice. It's just nice that right now since we have no exposure we can sort of fine tune behind the scenes. Also I think I have a great group of peeps to work with.

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