Thursday, October 2, 2008

Music that I appreciate.

I love innovative musicians. I love experimentation. I love it when musicians try to go beyond an expected format. Sadly, I'm not as much of an elitist music nerd as I used to be. I was once able to recite an albums track listing in alphabetical order, as well as b-sides, euro release only 12" vinyl and what a band had for breakfast that morning. I'd study a bands equipment setups and enter into long debates on topics such as "what synth made that blip-blip noise." I once spent the ungodly sum of $20 on a rare import of the Cure's 3 Imaginary Boys album on TAPE when I was in High School. One of the coolest shows I ever went to was at the Knitting Factory in New York where I saw Glenn Branca leading an awesome guitar orchestra. Then came my iPod, and Limewire. I simply enter a bands name and I have all the tracks. I could care less who is in the band, or what the name of the tracks are. I am pathetic. However, this is not to bash the Digi-Music format. In fact in my current lazy years the MP3 has made my life a whole lot easier as well as saved me a ton of money, and not to mention space in my house because I don't have to have all kinds of CDs cluttering up the place. I'm just saying I don't have to work as hard for my musical taste anymore. Anyway, Steph and I are going to Sigur Ros on Friday night at the Greek in Berkeley. Mind you, we're still very, very cool.

Anyway, at least these guys are out there caring enough about music to make it exciting and different. I appreciate them immensely.

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