Saturday, January 31, 2009

Heavy metal n' Meyer lemons

Steph and I spent the greater part of the day in Palo Alto doing stuff. That's because we get shit done yo! Anyway, In lieu of finding and settling on bedroom furniture today, which was the impetus for this trip, I opted to buy a really sweet cast Iron skillet today. Noice!

Next, we're driving by town and country and I spy out of the corner of my eye a fancy pink little shop called Kara's Cupcakes. I said "Hey, did you know that was there?" She said "No." I said "Ya want to go." She said "I'm kind of into it." So I made an awesome U-ey at the light and there we were at this splendidly thought out cupcakery. Now, there is another spedidly thought out cupcakery in Emeryville and it is sucky. Would this be all style and no substance? We perused the menu. What to have, what to have. There were several flavors but we settled on one we'd probably not usually get. The epic Meyer Lemony Lemon and holy fuck was that a delicious cupcake. The frosting was more creamy than sweet and for sure didn't have that usual hardened effect that befalls a typical buttercream. The cake was moist and very, very tasty. And as a treat there was a dollup of Meyer lemon cream in the center. The flavors were super balanced and nothing about it tasted fake and therefore un-fun to eat.

Perhaps soon we'll find the bedroom furniture equivalent of one of Kara
s Cupcakes that would truly turn our Gnome loft into a Shangri La of our own?


Andy Stattmiller said...

those cupcakes look like the goodest!

Nerd Love-Bot said...

The Goodest of the good.