Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday Lazy Sunday and Radio Shows

Today Steph and I forced ourselves to awaken before noon. This is no small feat considering 3 PM is not beyond our capabilities on most weekends. The reason for our early stirring is that we went to Palo Alto to attend and participate in Manda's oh so cool garage sale. She even made hot dogs. Noice!

Next Steph and I went on week two of the great mattress hunt. We visited three different stores and ultimately we chose the Felicia. It's our giant white monolith and I expect that Felicia will usher in a new era of comfort and support as our spines have been living in the dark ages of mattress technology. It will be glorious.

Lastly, my new radio show went up. Go on over to and have a looksee for DJ Hanabi The Super Terrific Happy Hour!

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