Friday, January 30, 2009

T-Shirts and more T-Shirts

Yesterday one my cohorts, Alex, and I were at the Fondu Victory lab working on some screens. We had to test the burn time and see how the line work came out. It seems like we nailed it. 4-5 minutes. The lines came out perfectly. Next up is our test prints.

Also, not to get ahead of ourselves but it seems like it's a cool thing to do to name your studio. At least in the recording world it is. So why not the screen printing world? So what if we call it the "Fondu Pot?" It seems like this would give us an edge.

On a different but very similar note a buddy is the owner/ designer of The Official Crown of Laurel. They make hats and such. Anyway, one of bestys, Anand is real, real good friends with that dude. So they formed a little side business that Anand runs. It's called Complete by Official and they're using Official's Chinese connections and factory to produce some amazing looking, high quality t-shirts. The thing about it is that Complete isn't a clothing line. Rather it's a wholesale merchandising plan. You can get shirts for $6.50 apiece for four colors including sewn in tags and packaging. That's unheard when using stateside screen printers. In a sense it's kind of sad selling out US manufacturing but WTF? You just can't beat $6.50 if you're trying to make a good margin in the fashion game. There's a minimum order of 300. Needless to say I'm helping Anand out with Complete a little bit. If ya know anyone who wants 300 shirts made lemme know. If ya want less than 300 we can do it in the "Fondu Pot" awww yeahhh! Anyway I told Alex I'd take some pics of the Complete shirt examples.

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