Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pee Wee Herman live!

This past weekend Steph and I headed down to L.A. for a little R and R and Pee Wee Herman. That's right we had tickets to see Pee Wee Herman live. We both used to really enjoy the movies as well as the show, especially the HBO version. I really didn't know what to expect considering Paul Rubens is like 50 years old now and the show could end up just being a very sad attempt to resurrect a very likable but dated character. Instead we were treated to a very nostalgic happenstance. The set looked amazing and all the original characters were on hand even the original Miss Yvonne. Best of all Pee Wee looked he did 25 years ago. I was amazed, and we both had oodles of big time fun. (SCREAMING AND RUCKUS!!!!) Oh yeah, fun was the secret word and I totally didn't plan that because it would have been pretty lame.

Also on our trip, we ate as per usual. We had Canters deli because I insist upon their Reuben sandwich every time we visit. Some other fixtures that we end up at in L.A. are places like Swingers which is a pretty cool late night diner near Beverly Hills. We also make sure to go to Milk for dessert and coffee. I can't not have their blue velvet cake. It's fucking ridiculous yo! But the piece de la resistance was Parks BBQ in Korea town. Holy Fuck Parks hit it out of the proverbial park! Seriously, it was delicious! We had Kobe beef and all the trimmings. My favorite thing at Korean restaurants are usually the little dried anchovies but I didn't get any at Parks, but I'm not complaining because like I said it was epic. And lastly we met up with a couple of our regular L.A. homies, Trume(sic) and Michelle at a place called Father's Office where they serve some tasty eats and have a totally bananas beer selection.

Another reason we headed down was to see the He Man homage at Gallery 1988 on Melrose. It was awesome, and again totally nostalgic. It took me back to like second grade when He Man truly was the Master of the Universe. At least in my world he was. I'm sure Steph would think a a pound puppy and my little pony exhibit would be equally as epic.

As to the pics. They are a mish mash and I make no apologies. But There are a couple where Steph and I are totally gorging ourselves on junk food. Yeah that was when we went to see Youth in Revolt. We just didn't realize how gluttonous we looked until we saw it on film. You know your with a good person for you when you can let your hot dog self shine through. Also in the pics is the store front for Peoples Revolution which is on Melrose. We saw it by accident and it will only mean something to you if you're really into watching The Hills, which we are.


mel said...

Those movie pictures show real love.

i'm glad that they didnt butcher peewee, thats just blasphemy if'd they had messed with it.

and fuck yeah he-man. if i had a skinny cat i'd name it skeletor.

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Seriously. Skeletor is ruling!

the cat whisperer said...

Yeah! I love Pee Wee. I also loved how, on Pee Wee's Playhouse, the credits said "Larry Fishburne" and not Laurence. That Lar.

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Haha, I read that he tried to get "Larry" back for the live show but was unavailable, but he wants to do a film if Paul Rubens decides to do one. Also, I think he did actually go by "Larry" for awhile? I can't remember.

the cat whisperer said...

You're right but I can't remember which film I saw that on... it was pretty old, and I think it was some kind of New York gangster movie? I want to say it had Christopher Walken in it but I confuse easily.

Ok I looked at IMDB. Holy shit! The one I was thinking of was King of New York, but he's spent most of his CAREER as Larry! Look!

It's so funny hearing celebrities with different names like that. Like, what if Crispin Glover went by "Cris" or something? It would seem uncomfortable, like seeing your teacher buying tampons and deodorant at the grocery store or something.

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Haha, Oh yeah King of New York was a cool movie. "Chris" Walken at his usual best.

I remember now that "Larry's" credit in Apocalypse Now said Larry too.

Also, on the subject of seeing teachers in an awkward and human light, check this out. In 7th grade (1987)we had a math teacher who was the coolest. He had an earing and listened to Skinny Puppy. Anyway, he gave my friend morning detention. He was to show up to class 1/2 hour before school started. I gues the teacher forgot about it because he was totally doing his G/F on on one of the desks. Classic! It was the scandal of the year.

Anonymous said...

We're going to see Pee Wee this weekend! Can't wait! I was glad to see your post about the show and how it was like the original. I too was worried that it might be lame.

Did you guys buy tickets at the original location back on October? We did and were told that if we brought them, we could meet the big er little man himself. I was just wondering if you had. Think it's worth it?

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Nice! You guys will have fun for sure!

Yeah we got our tickets in Oct. and I think we were eligible for the meet up sesh. We didn't meet him though. It's always been my personal thing that I have no desire to meet celebrities unless it happens to be on some very real level that has nothing to do with their fame. I guess to me I know the character is never the real person and thus avoiding the possibility that this person whose characters I love could possibly be a dick in real life.

SO yeah I'm kind of biased. But I'm sure he's probably really happy and grateful that people still love the character after all these years. So it could be cool to meet him.

Fuck, that was long -winded! Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Ha! It's cool. I totally get what you're sayin about meeting celebrities. I usually couldn't care less either, but it's PEE WEE! The guy who refused to do any interviews as Paul and discussed Pee Wee or Pee Wee and discussed Paul. To him, they were totally different people. I heard that he used to ask interviewers whether they wanted Paul or Pee Wee. And that was all they would get.

That's why I think it might be kinda okay to meet Pee Wee. I'm def not going to if there's a big crowd, but if not maybe...

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Haha. That's awesome. You have to go for it then. Let me know!