Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Chronicles Cheese

As I promised myself, once it arrived I'd set about posting about my super awesome B-day gift from Steph. The other day was that day. The first installment included a Camembert, a Blue and a Gorgonzola. Also the kit included a guide to each cheese that highlights the history of the cheese, a bio about the maker and a pairing chart. Needless to say I love it!

As to the cheese themselves, a solid starter kit with some well known and much loved varieties. I must tell you this is Artisan cheese and not that sub par shit they pass off as cheese at the grocery store. I do wish though that the USDA would quit persecuting raw unpasteurized milk products. That's cheese the way nature intended. If it's good enough for Euro peeps then it's good enough for me. Stay the fuck up out mah enzymes and beneficial bacteria!

Welcome to cheese country, where the flavor begins.


mel said...

35 years old.
You enjoy that cheese.

Nerd Love-Bot said...

I earned that shit the hard way!