Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Too many Muthaukas ukin' with mah shit!

............. Mah Plumbin' shit!

This post is both an homage to my current fav. show as well as my frustrations with this new kitchen faucet we bought. We bought a german made hasngrohe faucet because the price was nice and it wasn't made in a back alley sweatshop in Taiwan which would ensure it's breakage and overall "weak"ness within days after installation. Mind you I am winging it in the handyman dept. but I'm winging it well yo! I digress; I have this beauty installed and now I have been back to Lowes exactly two times and each time I have been given the wrong attachments for the hoses to hook up to the water valves. Sheesh! After a few calls I discovered that because this thin g is Euro, specifically German we have to go to a different store to get the fittings. The place turns out to be right up the street from the loft. Go figure. Anyway, the Germans didn't lose the war, by god they are still fighting it by providing superior quality products to world that are essentially lacking in seemingly innocuous yet impossible to track down part. Damn you Chancellor!!!!! Hansgrohe and Lowes you gonna wake up in a smoothie. Which brings me to the video. I tied it all together seamlessly. Feel my heat!

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