Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Bulgogi Store and Faucet Follow Ups

We took a trip to the Korean store in Daly City on Friday. I just love the Korean store because there are all kinds of adventures that await you. We bought many an Asian baked good. Also Steph challenged me to buy this.

I had no idea what it was but according to the chili pepper on the package it was going to be spicy. I opened up and found this:

It was basically a piece of squid jerky. It wasn't very exciting and certainly not spicy but it was an ample dare. Next I found these:

YES!!!! Bacon chips! So you would think. I think these must be North Korean made because they taste nothing like bacon. Yucko.

My Faucet saga took a turn for the better. I finally got it installed. I had to freestyle a few things. I ended up on a whim buying some 89 cent plumber's tape and it turned out to be the master stroke because we have a working faucet. I was a phone call away from spending who knows how much to get this thing installed. Please partake of my handy work.

And finally Steph is still sick. Her cough is epic. I bought her some very gross tasting cough syrup. I decided she should try the old steam inhalation with the towel over your head trick. I added some of the cough syrup tp the water which made it pretty crazy on the sinuses. Anyway, I snuck the camera under the towel and this is what I saw:

Fetal Steph