Monday, March 24, 2008

St. Patty-Mas-Ter

So Steph and Manda have a little tradition called St. Patty's-Mas. They cleverly decided that buying each other gifts for christmas added to the stress of said holiday. So they decided to wait and do it on a seemingly rando holiday, St. Pat's Day. Anyway, this year that was delayed a week and thus the Easter part was added. Anyway, we decided we wanted to have the most kitsch food possible. We made a glazed ham with pineapple rings, and we made green bean casserole, also potatoes au gratin were featured as well as deviled eggs. G-Po came bearing beans and Manda came with a bounty of easter baskets, for BiBi too. Speaking of BiBi, man did she make out like a bandit. Manda got her her favorite bull penis snacks (seriously) and she got three new babies, oh for the uninitiated in the deep dark cavern of our home lives, we refer to any of her little squeaky stuffed toys as "babies" and she has a lot of babies. Anyway I digress. All in all it was a fun day except Steph is still sick which is no fun for her. And everyone left with a bag of Ham. Life is good.

Pictured Above is my prize winning ham straight out of 1955.

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