Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Just the other night I created a three course gourmet meal for BiBi. I used all of her usual food but dressed up the presentation. Her first course was a Napoleon, which was my FAV. It consisted of her freeze dried Force, one of her Nature's Variety Chicken Medallions and some cottage cheese, plus a little salmon oil to give it some body. Her next course was of a contemporary American cuisine plating style that you'll find in most SF restaurants. I used the Force as the pureed root vegetable, I actually tried to get some little grill marks on the chicken medallion, with my tiny Japanese grill. The results were mixed but it did have a nice brown crust. I again went to the salmon oil for sauce. Finally I tried to make sort of a galantine, using all the aforementioned ingredients as well as some raw chicken and some sausage crumbs. I rolled it in parchment paper to get a nice rolled shape. Since the food is raw it didn't stay perfectly. But the idea was sound. We took some pics that aren't so hot, but they'll do.



Below is my reigning Fav. Dunny by Insa although I can't wait to pick up a few of the new French Dunnies. Rad!

Insa Dunny


Anthony said...

Amusing & creative. You are also feeding a very high quality food for each coarse.

Nerd Love-Bot said...

And, thank you sir. I will not be a stranger to your site.