Sunday, September 27, 2009

Funny Thing about weekends when you're unemployed - they don't mean quite so much.

OK, I am gainfully employed, but I was really just thinking about Primus for a second. Ah those were the fun, fun times. This weekend we also had fun, fun times. On Friday night we went to Sebo in Hayes Valley. We've been hearing a great deal about this place, especially after Anthony Bourdain's visit to SF. We wanted to compare and contrast it with a place that Steph is steeped in experience, Sushi Sam's in San Mateo. It's hard to imagine that the best Sushi I've tasted in the Bay Area resides in a suburb, but it does. Sebo was supposed to top it. It features two sushi chefs doing it the old school and very traditional way, the best and most flavorful fish available with minimal preparation. I do love that style. I like it when compared with all the myriad rolled sushi stuffed with everything, including the kitchen sink and given such trite names like, "Dragon Roll." That is not to say I don't like that stuff because I do. I just think it's a bit overdone and used to hide the fact that the fish isn't the best. We ordered 5 different kinds of fish, yellowtail, sea urchin, sardine, butterfish and their very special tuna. Everything about Sebo just screamed to me that this place should be amazing, the atmosphere, the presentation, the colors etc. But they fell short on a couple of major points. Firstly, they are over the top expensive. Secondly, their portions are ridiculously small. Their cuts are probably half of what you'll usually find. Then lastly there was the flavor. I just wasn't getting it. The butterfish, the yellowtail and most importantly the tuna all failed to excite me. To me the tuna didn't taste much different than that of a grocery store bought piece of tuna. It's texture was lacking. Sad. But, the sea urchin and the sardine were very good. Anyway, the total for this meal, plus a a beer and some miso soup was about $80. Meh, I'll tick to Sushi Sams. It's not exactly cheap either but I always enjoy myself there. We were so nonplussed by Sebo, we had to go and get second dinner elsewhere. And speaking of food, we went to visit my business partner and good buddy Andy at Fabric 8 Gallery because he was doing some live food painting. I snatched an ice cream cone from him. It was also good to see his lady and my hair stylist Karafina.

On Saturday we had to go up to Petaluma because the dogs had an "interview" (I'm not kidding.) at a prospective dog boarder. It's a very cool environment for dogs because they spend most of their day running around a large yard with other dogs playing, running, napping and just being dogs. We're so against leaving the girls anyplace where they don't have freedom of movement. It's hard to find but totally worth the search. The interview consisted of us dropping the girls off at 10 am (we were late) and picking them up at 4pm. We hoped for the best. After we dropped them off we headed to Napa to meet up with my Mom and my Aunt who is in town from Minneapolis. We had a great brunch at the Boone Fly cafe . Afterwards we had some time to kill and we headed up to Dean and Deluca to browse around and look at all of the incredible food stuffs. I love Dean and Deluca! I could spend like a million dollars there, on cheese alone. We bought some delicious items indeed. We bought a pink salt brick fro our friends b-day. These things are awesome, you can cook food right on them and the food will absorb the salt. You can serve cold foods on the brick as well and it serves the same function. We also bought the bacon infused peanut brittle as a lark because the packaging is so awesome. Sir Francis Bacon. Priceless! Among the haul we found a pure cane sugar Dr. Pepper in an 8oz. bottle. It was great, and the bottle is so kitsch we're hanging on to it. Then we ended up going with our buddy Oliver, who I am working on an adaptation of the A Team with, to see Jennifer's Body. Steph and I enjoy bad horror together, and we wanted to see how Diablo Cody pens a horror flick. Megan Fox isn't hard on the eyes either. The movie wasn't great but I didn't hate it. I think Diablo Cody's writing is pretty easy to spot. She invents slang that to me sounds kind of lame, but then that makes it kind of cool. Oliver was mad that it didn't have more horrific gore, and Steph just thought it was bad. Megan Fox has no effect on her. I just didn't have an opinion either way. The movie just kind of happened. But, then today I thought about it and there was a movie that came out a few years ago, and I think it was called Tamara? Anyway it was about a girl that was nerdy and then she died and came back as this total sex kitten that lured boys to their doom with her plunging necklines and hiked up hems. It also featured a girl who had to stop her. Shit, that sounds familiar. Way to go Diablo! However, I do see the genius in Diablo Cody putting out a Horror flick. She had such a hit with Juno that it's going to be super hard for her to top it since everything is going to be compared to it. But, then she puts out a horror flick and she gets to have a pass for it being bad because horror flicks are expected to be bad. Then a year or so from now she can try and work on another opus. Brilliant!


mel said...

ok, call me stupid, but all i got from the first part was fish, fish, fish, fish...FISH.
but cheese caught my eye!
man, all we got here in florida is cuban groceries, well, all kinds of hispanic groceries, and oranges.
diversity is scarce.

Tamara said...

ok so i have not seen jennifer's body but as soon as i heard about it, i totally thought of that tamara movie as well. sounds pretty much the same to me.

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Mel, I have been to Florida. It is a weird place. That is for sure.

Tamara, Ok! Seriously!