Friday, September 4, 2009


I figured I'd take a moment to remind myself what's to come as far as what we're working on. Andy and I have been working on a series of shirts based on one of his pieces.

1. The original piece is as best can be described, a deranged food pyramid. We're doing a series of 7 shirts based on that. Each shirt will have a piece of the pyramid and the 7th will be the full version of the pyramid, in gold. Our idea is to have the series be branded as a "collectable" series. We want to market them using a blind box approach, meaning you won't know which shirt you'll get. Thus you can trade them etc. We plan on making the gold pyramid be somewhat more limited. Each will include a handmade label across the base of the shirt featuring either the boys or girls logos. and a screen printed "tag" instead of the traditional sewn in tags. Also we're going to do a set of branded typeface T's. One great thing about Andy is he comes up with his own fonts.

2. Our inspiration. We both are really kind of interested in dystopian imagery, film, and literature. Books such as 1984, Animal Farm, and films such as Blade Runner and Brazil and I am especially interested in Communist propaganda. Now take that and mix it with the fact that I love food and Andy likes drawing food items in such a way that even makes ice cream seem unpalatable. I also really want to incorporate a story line into a series of shirts so that each shirt is like an illustrated and wearable page from a book. So we'll be incorporating some messaging on this series. It's not quite that grand vision but hey we can always do that later on.

3. Packaging, Branding. To me packaging is very important and I love the opportunity that it gives to make an item stand out. What I don't like about it is all the waste that's created. As for branding, I really like details like hang tags, but again same problem. Too much waste. Instead of plastic bags for packaging I think I want to use handmade canvas bags. I envision them being "sewn to order." As for the tags I want to make them so that they double as book marks or something.

Future plans. OK so let's say business is booming and peeps like our stuff. What's next? Good question. I think then I'd like to have vintage dresses and coats deconstructed and remade and screen print on them and add details etc. I know not ground breaking, but I'm not a fashion designer. Also I think it would be cool to make blazers and cardigans with perp school style embroidered logos. I'd festoon them with pin back buttons too.

4. The Goods. The following are not in any kind of order. I just want to show what's up (please note these aren't necessarily the final versions of anything. These are just drafts.


mel said...

very awesome. i'd buy that.

Nerd Love-Bot said...

Very encouraging. Danke!